SEO Stoke-on-Trent: About Me

Back in the summer of 1995, I had been working as a financial advisor for a number of years and business was good. I had qualified in computer sciences, and I had watched on with fascination as the internet appeared in our lives, and one day I launched my own website. It was an affiliate website for a mobile phone company, and it was very basic.
Fast forward six months, and I was very happy to have finalised a deal on an investment bond case that was going to earn me excellent commission. The next day, I checked my little website to see how it was doing. I was hoping one day I could earn enough from it to buy a holiday for my family, so you can imagine my shock when I realised I had earned more money from the site than I was going to receive in commission for the deal I had been working so hard on.

I had put in hardly any work and it had generated over 400 sales just like that – and that was the start of my interest in internet businesses.

I had no idea back then exactly how exciting and rewarding the journey was going to be, but I did know that the internet was my future. Since then, I have:

- Sold my mobile phone website to a large mobile provider
- Developed three hosting companies
- Built up a big web development company
- Become a member of Stompernet
- Connected with real online gurus like Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon
- Topped the search engines with my own sites and those of my clients
- Made lots of money online and helped many others to do so as well
- Worked with small businesses as well as large including MTV's comedy central

Where Now?

It's been an exciting ride, but I still feel the journey is only just beginning. Right now I am focusing on helping others – and hopefully you – to enjoy all the things that I have been so fortunate to enjoy thanks to the internet.

The internet will continue to evolve. I don't know how it will change, but I'm certain that I am going to enjoy it. When it comes to SEO, Stoke-on-Trent businesses can continue to enjoy my expertise, and I hope to be able to help your business take advantage of all the wonderful things the internet can do for it.